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Real Life Choices

Are you searching for an in-school educational program that encourages youth to make healthy and well informed decisions regarding at-risk behaviors?

If so, then Real Life Choices is for you.

Our curriculum strongly encourages utilizing self-control as an alternative to engaging in at-risk behaviors. We know that this is the best way to help students protect themselves from life-changing consequences.


Each student is given the tools to recognize warning signs of abuse, assess real life risk, and be empowered to make informed decisions that will help keep themselves and their relationships healthy.

At the same time, our educators do not withhold the realities of addictions, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), unplanned pregnancies, or the emotional consequences of engaging in any of these activities.

Our team of Real Life Educators are determined to educate students to their full potential about the outcome of their choices by developing close relationships with school leadership to determine the best approach to meet the unique needs of their student body. Our educators present current, relevant, and medically accurate information to all middle and high school students.

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