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235 Grateful Growers

Learn the skills you and your family need to grow, harvest, cook, and preserve fresh vegetables with our 235 Grateful Growers program. Individual and group plot spaces are free but require maintenance from the gardener. The garden is accessible from April to October. Assistance is provided to beginners.

In 2021, 235 Grateful Growers donated 1,800 pounds of produce to local food pantries in New Carlisle.

In 2020, our team donated 1,122 pounds of produce to Bethel Churches United’s New Carlisle Food Pantry and 932 pounds more of veggies to the Park Layne Food Pantry, for a total donated amount of 2,054 pounds. 


In 2019, the 235 Grateful Growers members donated 1253.5 pounds of fresh vegetables to the local food bank. Gardeners donated: 789 lbs of tomatoes, 139 lbs of peppers, 76 lbs of green beans, 27 lbs of cucumbers, 72 lbs of zucchini, 20 lbs of eggplants, 13.5 lbs of onions, 82 lbs of potatoes, 5 lbs of okra, 4lbs of tomatillos, 1 lb of carrots and 25 lbs of squash.

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