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The New Roots Mentoring Program allows caring adults to reach and influence today's youth. In our multifaceted program we use social-emotional skills to work with youth of all backgrounds and ages. Our program is divided into 5 separate projects:


Mentorship occurs in a group or classroom setting that teaches kids about who they are and their value to society. Mentors use age appropriate curriculum that discusses:

1. Who they are

2. Where they're going

3. How they're going to get there



This is a critical time period for youth where they are making choices about risky behaviors. 

This program includes one-on-one mentoring with adult mentors that allows youth to talk about challenges in their lives and how to overcome them.



Mentors guide youth in the art of self-discovery and giving back to society.

Youth learn the P.A.T.H. Program to help them understand their strengths and passions in life. 


They are invited to enroll in Defining Education For Youth (DEFY), an after-school group, that allows them to mentor middle school students about refusal skills, healthy life-coping skills, positive behaviors, and community service.


This is an important step in getting youth ready for adulthood.

Youth are given the opportunity to collaborate with Job Seekers Network, with businessmen and women, where they can job shadow, become an intern, and receive help with job placement and/or college placement.

This program helps shape youth into positive role models and productive members of society.

JDC Youth

Mentors educate and mentor Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) youth as they go through the system. 


JDC Mentors follow youth back to their home schools and pair them with a local mentor to continue providing them with necessary support and skills so they do not relapse back into the court system again.

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