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New Roots Mentoring

The New Roots Mentoring program allows caring adults to reach, encourage, and influence youth of all backgrounds and ages by teaching social-emotional skills. Mentoring occurs in a one-on-one, group, or classroom settings. New Roots Mentoring provides mental and emotional support to students by being a consistent presence in their lives. They reinforce self-esteem and positive influence by showing them that they are valued, heard, and understood.


Children are facing incredible challenges today that are different from previous generations. Research by the Harvard Center for Child Development shows that when there is a positive adult influence and relationship for a child (could be a parent, teacher, coach, mentor, etc.), these children will be more resilient and successful over their lifetime as they strive to overcome adverse situations and difficulties.


During their time with the students, New Roots Mentors work to empower them to make positive decisions, encourage resiliency, help them set long-term goals, and establish healthy boundaries.

“You have done so well in the lunch group to have the counselor saying how much improvement you have done in such a short time. I’m proud of you with a handful of other people. I wanted to go out and do something special for this. I hope your spring break is fun and I went out and got you a fortnite card to show you that when you do well you get rewarded. This time it’s a gift card, in the future it will be anything. Keep going on the path you are on!!  I also know you loved the lunch group though we feel you are doing so well that we can take in another kid to help them!!! I can’t express how proud I am of you!”


Teachers comment to student at New Carlisle Elementary School

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