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Parenting Network certified to help keep kids safe in car seats

A properly installed child restraint can literally mean the difference between life and death. But does every parent know how to properly secure their car seat so that its fully designed protection is utilized?

That’s where FYI’s Parenting Network comes in. We can help them make sure everything is working safely and optimally.

Staff from the Parenting Network recently participated in a Safe Kids Worldwide virtual conference, which provided child passenger safety technicians with up-to-date information on child passenger safety seats, vehicles, LATCH and best practices in youth occupant protection. The LATCH Guidebook is widely used to ensure safe car seat fastening procedures, updated annually, and is released each year at this conference. Car seat manufacturers, researchers and industry experts present during the two days.

As a result, we are certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians who are trained to do car seat inspections, making sure that the car seat is installed properly. Anyone can call into our Parenting Network offices in New Carlisle (937-845-0900) or Springfield (937-322-3514) to schedule a time to have one of our technicians look at your installed car seat. If it is not properly installed, we will show you how to properly install the car seat.

“If a car seat isn't properly installed and the automobile is involved in an accident, the car seat may not keep the child as safe as was intended,” said Parenting Network Director Amy Brown. “It is extremely important for parents to follow the instruction manual of the car seat and their automobile for proper installation of the car seat.”

Our Parenting Network offers classes covering many other topics as well, including preventing child sexual abuse, safe sleep, stress management and shaken baby syndrome. Our newest class is “Safe Home,” which covers a multitude of safety precautions for the home.

Contact our Parenting Network offices in New Carlisle (937-845-0900) or Springfield (937-322-3514) for more information.

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