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Merry Christmas!

FYI Executive Director Nikki Stefanow was asked to take a deep look into her heart and come up with a Christmas message to share with all of those who support, serve with and are served by FYI. This is what she had to say:

“As I consider all of what Christmas is, what overwhelms me is just how special everyone here at FYI is. I believe that everyone here has been brought here by God for a specific purpose.

They love me as much as I love them. And isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Jesus came to this earth because He loved each and every one of us.

My prayer is that we can love everyone we serve with that kind of love, the same love that we’ve been blessed with here in our FYI family.

For example, I met with one of our newest employees this week and heard how much she cared about the clients she works with already. She hasn’t been here very long, maybe a month or so. But to see her heart, how she so much wants to help the folks we are blessed to serve. It just touched my heart in a deep place.

Our clients are all people who need love. They are so special to me, so special to us. And to see her love on these great people the way I love these great people … it is just so uplifting.

So that’s what I really want this Christmas: I want those people who have lost someone special this year, or who can’t be with their families the way they would like this year, to know that someone loves them, someone cares. After all, that’s really all that we want out of life.

So as we shut down our offices for a week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, to give our families more time to love on theirs, I pray you will spend time sharing your love with others as well. That is what we are ultimately here to do.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2021!

Counting it All Joy,


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