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Meet FYI’s New Parenting Network Director

New Parenting Network Director Amy Brown isn’t quite sure why God led her to FYI, but she does know He is the one who led her to a job where her skills could be used for a good cause.

“It was such a smooth and easy process that I know I am supposed to be here,” she said. “I don’t know why He has put me here, but I know He has put me here.”

Amy had recently returned to the workforce after a five-year absence but wanted a job change that would provide flexibility. Her new position offered that and more.

“I like what FYI stands for,” she said. “I’ve known mostly about the Parenting Network. There is an extreme amount of potential for growth and having a business development background I can help in the transition of what Nikki (Stefanow, FYI’s Executive Director) wants to do.”

Amy spent six years in business to business sales, then 10 years running her own direct sales biz as she stayed home so she could pour into her two young children. She has a degree in organizational leadership and was able to use it in direct sales. Her new position at FYI offers her a chance to use it even more.

“What is my wheelhouse is leadership,” she said. “When I had the opportunity to go back to work part-time and use my leadership skills, it seemed a natural choice. I really didn’t choose FYI, it just kind of happened. I’ve always known about FYI because I was friends with Nikki. We just met for coffee like we do every year just to stay in touch and it just happened.”

Amy already has set goals for the Parenting Network.

“Right now, we want to get back to full schedules of assisting our clients, either by phone or in person,” she said. “(We’ll focus on) helping families who need assistance and growing our client base. Moving forward (in the future), I’d like to see more growth in the amount of people we can see, and adding employees so we can help more people.”

To do that, Amy feels there’s strength in numbers.

“You have to build relationships with other organizations who are assisting children,” she said. “Nonprofits have to team up together for everybody to survive (in the current COVID environment). Everybody has a unique, helpful service to offer. That way everybody is benefitting, which means it’s what’s best for the client.”         

For more information or to help FYI, call (937) 845-0403 or email

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