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Harvesting Hope Dinner and Fundraiser Details Announced

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Unbridled excitement is building as plans have been finalized for FYI’s first Harvesting Hope Night, on Thursday Oct. 15, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (1801 St. Paris Pike in Springfield).

Among the new additions to this fundraising event will be a new theme, a free full-course dinner and dessert bar catered by the host church, an online version of our auction with a live component as well, and music by popular local artist Amber Hargett - all at a new location.

Due to the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic, there will also be a virtual option for the event. Supporters will be able to watch a condensed video version of the event on the same night and time, or at their own convenience, on YouTube, Facebook or our Web site. This allows those who aren’t yet comfortable with an in-person event to still participate and to participate at their own convenience. The video version will also serve as a backup Plan B in case the live event needs to be cancelled for safety reasons.

FYI director Nikki Stefanow will be sharing her heart and vision for FYI as we move forward, and updates on each of our programs will be given by their program directors.

“I’m excited for us to try something new, even though there are a lot of challenges for this, especially throwing COVID into the mix,” she said. “I’m excited to have such a great team working on this, and that we already have a title sponsor.”

Generous and community-minded Marathon Petroleum is the title sponsor.

There are several opportunities to support FYI in preparation for the event:

- Join our event prayer team (email if interested)

- Sponsor the event (corporate and private sponsorships are available)

- Volunteer to host and fill your own table of six or more

- Help the event itself run smoothly by being a Harvesting Hope volunteer

- Bid on auction items online starting Sept. 14

- Donate an item to the online and/or live auction

Helping with the event will enable FYI to empower more families and provide more hope to those we are blessed to serve.

“We’re here to rescue kids, and to best do that, we need more champions,” Stefanow said. “We need to rescue them from things like abortion, suicide, unsafe home environments, and unhealthy choices with tough consequences. We want to give them more choices and options so they can overcome these heartbreaking circumstances.”

Bearing the brunt of the changes brought on COVID are our children.

“Our kids are losing in all of this,” Stefanow said. “Stop and think of the stress and anxiety of the adults, then amplify that for the children who can’t even understand what is happening. All they know is that everything they were doing can’t be done normally right now or not done at all. All the things kids look forward to, they can’t do. And some are in unsafe environments at home.”

This is why FYI is raising funds and raising champions through this event.

“We are looking for people who are committed to come alongside us to stand beside these kids and offer some real help,” Stefanow said. “We are working with parents to help the kids, and working with the kids. We are making a real impact.”

For more information on the event or the live auction, to host a table or get tickets, call us at (937) 845-0403 or email You can RSVP on our Web site at

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