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Greene CATS FYI Day is Jan. 8

Thanks to a generous donor and the community-focused folks at Greene CATS Public Transit, up to 200 people in Greene County will have a ticket to ride when the calendar turns to 2021 … a free ticket.

Greene CATS will be hosting its first community awareness day during “FYI Day” on Jan. 8, donating up the first 200 rides as part of a special “FYI Day” on the bus line. The item was part of our recent Harvesting Hope event. The winning bidder purchased the tickets for the event, providing FYI a way to spread awareness of how we rescue children by empowering families and providing hope through our various programs.

“For us, it is a way for people to try our flex routes,” said Greene CATS Executive Director Ken Collier. “They don’t have to pre-schedule. They just get on the bus. We have defined routes on five lines in Fairborn, Yellow Springs, Xenia and Beavercreek and a connection to RTA in Dayton.”

The first 200 riders on “FYI Day” will ride for free and will be given information about all the services FYI offers in hopes that they will contact us so we can help them better navigate these difficult times.

“Our Parenting Network is actually on one of their flex routes and some people don’t know that we are there. This will let them know there is an easy way to get to us,” said Nikki Stefanow, FYI’s Executive Director. “That’s huge. Then it becomes a win-win for everyone: for FYI, Greene CATS and the potential clients we will be able to serve.”

Greene CATS, with the motto of “We’re Going Your Way,” provides safe, reliable and accessible transportation to its riders year-round. For more information about the routes, visit the Greene CATS website at or call (937) 708-8322. For more information on FYI’s various programs, call (937) 845-0403.

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