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We've updated FYI's Website!

The next time you visit FYI’s website at, you will notice some big changes. FYI Marketing Director Kayla Bellman recently completed a redesign of the website, giving it a crisp, fresh feel and making it easier to use.

“The goal of the new redesign was to increase functionality and simplify the steps it takes to navigate the website,” Kayla said. “I wanted it to be easy for others to access information about FYI and to get involved.”

Some new website elements include digital sign-up forms for volunteering and employment, an online chat box, and updated event and registration options.

“Overall, the main updates were to the design of the website to modernize it,” Kayla said. “Everyone wants to find information they're looking for quickly, and I know that if people have to search for information that they won't.”

Kayla was the designer, but this was not a solo act by any means.

“Positive changes come from multiple opinions and changes,” Kayla said.

“Developing the website took lots of time and input and opinions from the many important people at FYI. When I first said the site was live, I received feedback on improvements from the board and staff members about functions to consider adding, or things to consider changing.

The new website better reflects FYI’s mission. “We're willing to make change where change is needed. Just like our website shows that we can adapt to change, our programs show that we can adapt to educate, equip and empower members of our community. Afterall, that's what FYI does best.”

Indirectly, the redesign was a silver lining of sorts to the stay at home order that resulted because of the pandemic.

“Time is always a factor when making large updates like website development,” she said. “A positive outcome of COVID-19 was my ability to designate more time to FYI and improve our media. It takes a village to complete these tasks.”

The entire process left Kayla feeling very grateful.

“I've been thankful to have a few of the volunteers and staff members create content for not only the website, but for other social media platforms that we're taking on. I'm proud of the teamwork of our FYI champions. Without everyone, we wouldn't have a story to share.”

Check out the updated website at!

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