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Are you our next volunteer?

FYI could not have the reach into so many homes, classrooms and families as it does without the help of volunteers.

“We have terrific staff members and have a few job openings, but we are always looking for volunteers to help us in our mission of rescuing children,” said Nikki Stefanow, FYI Executive Director.

FYI uses volunteers to help with stuffing envelopes, cleaning the office, marketing and mentoring new parents and many, many other things.

Odds are if you have the time and a heart to serve, you can be used at FYI. The volunteer corps is big enough that FYI now has a volunteer coordinator.

“At FYI, we not only serve the community but we serve the people who want to serve,” said new FYI volunteer coordinator Pat Fraley. “There’s no worse feeling than wanting to serve and not knowing where you can do it - and that you are capable of doing it. People need confidence in themselves and the Lord can help with that.”

One of FYI’s newest volunteers, Sharon Smith, helps with duties in our main office. Sharon is serving at FYI out of love, respect and appreciation.

“The reason I got into this is I went to that Harvesting Hope dinner (in October) and I heard Nikki Stefanow speak, and I just didn’t know what all they did here," Sharon said. "It’s not just giving them diapers or clothing; it’s about showing them what God looks like. Often they don’t know what love looks like, and this shows them how to have a better life. You’re not just handing them a fish, you’re teaching them how to fish. Then they will do the right things naturally.”

FYI’s mission also attracted Sharon.

“I have a real heart for stopping human trafficking and for babies who are being aborted. If there is an organization that is working against both of these as hard as it can, it’s FYI.”

Volunteer Sarah Anne Carter uses her journalism and marketing skills to help FYI with its social media.

“I’m glad to be able to use my talents to help a great ministry in the way that I can,” Sarah Anne said.

Pat’s goals are set high as she settles into her latest calling. She wants to “one day have every task at FYI covered for all the hard-working directors and employees at FYI, through a close-knit, well-trained and capable service network. Can you imagine if we had a well-oiled volunteer machine, how much that could free up the staff and FYI to do so much more?”

Pat sure can. She sees FYI as a place of giving and serving, which leads to blessing … for those served and those who are serving. She suggests just asking yourself two questions: “‘What are you good at?’ and ‘Have you found your God job?’”

FYI can use people with office skills, people with organization skills, volunteers for events, such as a monthly BINGO fundraiser, mentors for new parents, mentors for teens, gardeners and church representatives.

If you are interested in volunteering at FYI, but don’t know exactly where you would fit, please call or email and we can talk with you about how we might be able to use your talents now or for a certain event or time period.

If you are interested in taking that first step to help meet these needs, email Pat at or call our office at (937) 845-0403.

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