Vision of unity drives FYI mission

At FYI, we’re not just focusing on seeing 2020. We are also focusing on seeing beyond 2020.

FYI has always had a pro-life focus, dating back to its founding in 1978 by current co-executive director Pat Banaszak and the late Carol Tipton.

As we consider where God is leading us, we see Him calling us to a greater and more impactful ministry.

“Pat has been our visionary, but I really feel like God has called me in this moment and time to find ways to maintain and solidify this vision,” Nikki Stefanow, FYI’s co-executive director. “We’ve got these great programs that can reach so many more people. But so many things change, and the needs of the community change.”

Nikki cited as an example the mental health challenges that are increasing in schools during the last couple of years.

“We are getting so much more training on how to help those we serve and direct them to the help that they need,” she said.

The keys to furthering FYI’s impact in areas like this are unity and teamwork.

“We have these great programs, but they have tended to run autonomously,” Nikki said. “I want to continue to unify all the programs, because that provides continuity for those we serve.

“I want to see the team continue to grow so that we all can be a help to each other,” she continued. “I am very much a team person. I want to continue building personal relationships with the champions of our cause and get their input on things, because it is very important.”

The theme of unity carries over into the direction our programs are moving, as we are now providing a wrap-around approach to those we serve.

“Every one of our programs is about protecting our kids,” said Nikki. “Whether it is the unborn, or helping parents raising their kids ages 0 to 5, or mentoring kids once they are in school through one-on-one relationships.

“We started as a pro-life ministry. Now we are looking for ways to evolve that emphasis.”

That evolution means FYI will continue to maximize all we’ve been given.

“I am a realist. I want to be the best steward of what God gives us. So change is coming; it always does,” Nikki said. “I’m open to what that will look like and am waiting for God to show us that.”

We’re hoping new champions for FYI’s mission are part of that provision.

“I will be looking for new people to join us, whether it be on the staff, the board, or volunteers,” Nikki said.

If you can see this vision and want to become a part of it, just call us at (937) 845-0403 to discuss how you can help or email Nikki.


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