Top 10 Ways to Help FYI

FYI stands poised to make a huge community impact in 2020, but we can’t do it without your help! Here’s the top 10 ways we need you to help 2020 be a successful year:

1. Donate funds: One-time donations are a significant part of our yearly donor receipts, and we are very thankful for every one of these dollars. We are asking people to consider making monthly donations this year. These donations can be automatically withdrawn from your account or mailed to us. Monthly pledges give us a more reliable way to budget for our projects.

2. Donate items: If you have new or gently used items you’d like to donate, we can find a home for them with the families we support in this community. The most useful items are strollers, car seats, diapers, wipes, clothes, toys and other baby or infant care items for our Parenting Network families. We can even use food donations to provide snacks for students in our Mentoring Program and Real Life … Teen Choices program.

3. Mentor a parent: We look for mentors to spend one hour per week with a struggling parent to give them the benefit of your parental experiences. Just providing someone a young mom can talk to without fear of judgment is vital.

4. Mentor a student: It’s a disturbing trend, but more and more students are not getting the benefit of having an adult they can count on for quality guidance, encouragement and friendship. A few hours per week during the school year is all it takes to redirect a young life onto a path to success.

5. Pick up weekly donations: We have local businesses that donate excess items, but we have to pick it up ourselves. The more volunteers we have who can do this for us, the greater our potential is to increase these greatly needed in-kind donations.

6. Office help or receptionist: Running an effective nonprofit is a lot of work. There are always things that can be done at our three offices to help us run more efficiently.

7. Warehouse organization: While we have been gifted with a great amount of in-kind donations through the years, storing them can be a challenge. With items constantly coming in and going out, our warehouse needs consistent organization and upkeep.

8. Events: Whether it’s a fundraiser or a community service initiative, FYI is constantly working on events throughout the year. That means there is also a constant need for helpers who like to use their unique gifts to further our mission.

9. BINGO volunteers: On the first Wednesday of every month from 5 to 9:30 p.m., FYI helps with the BINGO event held at Mary Help of Christians in Fairborn. A portion of all proceeds is donated to FYI as a thank you for our help. We need five volunteers each month for the event. To date, that donation averages around $300 monthly.

10. Prayer: Last and certainly not least, please remember us often in your prayers. God has a limitless storehouse of blessings, and your intercession on FYI’s behalf has grown our nonprofit, our mission and our impact greatly throughout the years.

Other unique opportunities pop up all the time, and we are open to creative new suggestions. For more information on any of these helpful ways to impact local families and students, just call our office at (937) 845-0403 or email nikki@fyiohio.org.


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