Our New Years Resolution at FYI

It is a new year! Many are making their New Year’s Resolutions, but here at FYI, we are making Service Goals for 2020. We asked each of our program heads what they would like to see happen in 2020.

Co-Executive Directors Nikki Stefanow and Pat Banaszak: We would like to see more community participation, engagement, and ownership. This is not just about donations, but also about volunteers. A great example of what more community involvement can do accomplish is last month’s new Hope For The Holidays initiative. FYI partnered with more than a dozen other community organizations to provide toys, food and clothing for more than 250 needy western Clark County families and more than 400 youth. More community support for our programs would be a big boost to FYI’s mission of empowering families and providing hope, enabling them to help expand the impact throughout the area. The Mentoring Program could be established in other schools, where youth are encouraged by a caring adult. Real Life … Teen Choices could expand into more schools, equipping students to make healthy, positive, lifelong choices. The Parenting Network could be open more hours, empowering more families engage more with the Hispanic community. Also, while our board is awesome and generous, we’d like it to be more diverse as it leads us into a bright future.

Real Life, Teen Choices Director Rebecca Swearingen: “We want to serve as many schools as possible with the resources that have been given to us. We would like to grow in numbers and resources to serve more students. Our goal is to help students see their worth and understand that the choices they make now can have long-term consequences. In 2020, we want to pursue excellence and fidelity in all that we do by learning something new every day and being open to new possibilities.”

Mentoring Program Director Julie Driskill: “We’d like to be working with at least 50 mentees at Tecumseh and Greenon by the end of the year. We’re also hoping to do a PATH Night for 8th grade teens and parents in the community and share accounts of how mentor/mentee relationships have grown with the community. In DEFY, we’d like to have 12 high school and 12 middle school students regularly involved and have them complete a few service projects. In our new health class initiative, we’d like to teach the second half of the Tecumseh eighth-grade class and host a PATH family night. In the juvenile justice system, we’d like to have seven students actively involved in the PATH process, where they have mentors, job shadowing or interning with outside contacts. We’d also like to plan a few more work trips for the boys who are eligible to get out and contribute to the community.”

Parenting Network Director Diana Hobbs: “We’d like to expand our offices’ open hours from 10 to 15 hours per week, This gives us an opportunity to see 50 percent more clients, but means we also need more caring volunteers to help meet the needs. We will be focusing more on healthy relationships. Additional training for staff, including more focus on postpartum depression and pregnancy loss is currently being planned, as well as training on proper car seat installation.”

Gardening For Health Director Jim Tipton: “We’re going to have lighting systems (donated by GE Aviation) for all the gardeners so they can start their own plants from home, which means they’ll have more plants at the beginning of the growing season. I would like to see some classes on eating healthier.”


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