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Meet FYI's Summer Intern: Emma Hardacre

Emma Hardacre took an unlikely journey from being a marine biology major to serving as an FYI summer intern.

The junior at Waynesburg University (Waynesburg, Pa.) started her collegiate career as a marine biologist major because Waynesburg’s program was highly rated and she thought that was her calling.

“I wasn’t doing too good in it, and I felt public relations was more suited to my personality,” she said. “My friends were already in the PR department, so it was a smooth transition. I’ve already done TV, radio and now I’m on the yearbook staff and involved in our Public Relations Society for Students chapter.”

Why does it fit her so well?

“Probably because I am very much a people person,” said the 2018 Clark County Fair Queen. “I am very outgoing. I love to talk to people, to be able to relate to people easily.”

Helping at FYI allows the Tecumseh High School and Global Impact STEM Academy graduate kill two birds with one stone. An internship is one of her four graduation requirements and one of her scholarships requires her to work at nonprofits during two of her four summers.

“I was looking around, searching and figuring out where I can be the most helpful,” she said.

FYI being a Christian organization helped make her decision easy.

“I definitely think it is a faith-based mission,” Emma said. “Waynesburg is a faith-based school and very open about it. I grew up in a very Christian home, grew up in the church, so it was a natural calling.”

Hardacre hopes someday to specialize in event planning, so being intricately involved with planning our recent Virtual Meet and Greet and upcoming Harvesting Hope fall dinner is a great experience for her … and a great help to FYI.

“I am also very much a control freak,” she said with a laugh. “I need to know what’s going on and hate surprises. Just growing up in 4-H and FFA, I’ve been able to plan things. And I love it. If I can make money when planning things, then that is great.”

She has also set some definite goals this summer and is hoping her internship will help her achieve them.

“I want to get more knowledge in things,” she said. “Each job opportunity teaches you something new and allows you to find out more about yourself. Nikki (Stefanow, FYI’s Executive Director) told me I will be pushed outside my comfort zone. But it’s going to make me grow and become a better person.

“We need to always be challenged by things in life,” she continued. “If I’m not being challenged, then I’m bored … and I hate to be bored. I’d like to learn to be uncomfortably comfortable.”

This means she will fit in perfectly at FYI, where flexibility and adaptability allows us to maximize our service to our community. 

One thing she wants to focus on is, “Just being able to have a better communication network between FYI and other community members, businesses and volunteers. Create it if it needs creating, grow what is already in place.”

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