Can you be a lifeline for youth in need? Did you know that The Clark County Combined Health District surveyed 4450 students this past school year in all 13 high schools and the results were cleaned so that the data that seemed to have contradictory answers or appeared not to have been taken seriously was removed. Those "clean" results showed:

  • 15% of students said they were either offered or sold drugs on the school's campus--the whole survey showed considerably more;

  • 17% of students had carried some sort of a weapon in the 30 days prior to the survey;

  • 22% of students said they had thought about committing suicide in the last year;

  • 20% of students said they had ridden in a car driven by someone who had been drinking;

  • 23% of students had been involved in a physical fight within 30 days of the survey

If we want to have healthy communities and youth growing up with character and the ability and desire to be good citizens and good parents, we have to help many of them to get there. Consider becoming a mentor today.

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