FYI Supporter of the Month

One of our loyal volunteers at FYI is Judy Yarwick. She has been a volunteer receptionist at FYI’s main office for 14 years. We asked her a few questions so you can get to know her better:

PREVIOUS BACKGROUND: Judy was an office manager for 25 years; she holds an associate degree in secretarial sciences.

FUN FAMILY FACTS: Been married to husband Harry for over 50 years; has two children, Michael and Brenda, and five grandchildren.

PASSIONS: “I love my family. I’m happiest when I spend time with them. I love cooking, but I don’t like to clean up. I enjoy learning more about computers, as part of my overall passion for learning, I guess. I also read a lot. I like historical fiction and history the most.”

WHY DID YOU JOIN THE FYI TEAM: “I wanted to do something that would help others, and I knew Pat had this ministry. She was good enough to find something for me to do, to keep me busy and out of trouble (she added with a laugh).”

HOW DO YOU HOPE TO IMPACT THE FYI MISSION: “I want to use my skills to help FYI run more efficiently, and spread the word about FYI and what we do. I find that people will often just think about FYI as the Parenting Network, and it is much more than that. I guess that has been my mission all along. They don’t realize that we do so much more than just that. We’ve expanded to many new programs. I see us getting our word out better about these and that our message has been more organized lately.”

If you are interested in helping FYI, call our office at (937) 845-0403, email nikki@fyiohio.org or fill out a volunteer form online.


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