Empowering Teens to Make a Difference by Being Different

What is DEFY?

DEFY is a peer to peer mentoring and leadership program. The main focus of DEFY is to teach the facts and harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drug use while also providing life skill lessons that impacts decision-making abilities. This program encourages students to make healthy choices based on long-term consequences. Non-drug topics addressed include: character, integrity, bullying, and peer pressure, along with other valuable life skill foundations to help teens develop a positive self-concept. DEFY gives support to students who are choosing a drug-free lifestyle by offering a fun, engaging environment where teens build relationships with one another while sharing the same drug-free pledge.

DEFY Mentors

DEFY mentors are a group of high school aged teens that support each other in making healthy choices. They are committed to living a drug-free lifestyle and have a strong desire to share that message with others. DEFY mentors have weekly mentoring sessions with younger students to teach them about the effects of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drug use, while encouraging them to make healthy and positive life choices.


Classroom Activities

Teaching and mentoring are done in various ways which include:  Skits, team-building activities, and small and large group discussions. Our creative lessons are what keep students involved in our program as mentors help plan and execute lessons and take on leadership roles in the group.

The program is funded in part by a grant from Cardinal Health.

Julie Driskill

Director, DEFY Teen Leadership

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