Education with Compassion Can Make All the Difference

Pat Banaszak

Executive Director, FYI

Our Mission

Empowering Families, Providing Hope

Our Philosophy

FYI provides educational programs that empower individuals to make healthy long-term life decisions. Each program is administered with respect and compassion for every person we encounter; from the unborn to adults taking steps toward a more promising future.

Our Story

Family & Youth Initiatives (FYI), originally began as Tri-County Right to Life in 1978. Co-founded by Pat Banaszak and Carol Tipton, its primary goal was to provide free education and support services to struggling teen mothers. In its first 15 years, the Women's Network served over 1,200 families via three centers in Southwest Ohio.

In 1993, the Women's Network experienced a 45% surge in requests for pregnancy tests from girls ages 10 to 11. This shocking trend inspired the organization to go before the Fairborn Board of Education and request permission to come into the middle and high schools to educate youth on relationships, responsibility, and empower them with positive means to reach their long term goals. The board welcomed them into the school and since that time the organization has broadened its mission to "Empowering Families/ Providing Hope."  In 2004, with the change in board, the organization changed its name to Family & Youth Initiatives to represent several services with the same statement.

FYI now represents several community services, including:

  • Education for pregnant women and parents with young children. This includes an "earn-while-you-learn" program, offering families a way to earn daily necessities, such as diapers, car seats and cribs for free.

  • A proactive in-school program for middle and high school teens that focuses on: developing healthy relationships, character building, and the realities and consequences of engaging in at-risk behaviors. Topics include: sexual activity, drug and alcohol abuse and teen dating violence.

  • A group mentoring curricula, Rewriting Futures, that covers all of grades 4-5, and encourages self-discovery of who the child is, what does she/he wants for their lives, and how are he/she is going to get there. 

  • A peer-to-peer mentoring program for grades 6-12 that teaches the facts and harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol and other drug use; and encourages students to make healthy, long lasting choices and understand the importance of being a person of character and the importance of giving back to the community. 

  • A community garden, which allows people to grow their own produce and also supplies vegetables to the local food pantries.

  • GED and several other adult development courses.

With the support of our local community, we can continue to offer these services and more to the people within our reach. We want every person who walks in our door – at whatever stage of life – to walk out changed and better equipped to thrive today and have hope for their future.


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